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The Modern Era

Bitcoin transactions are virtually untraceable, the transactions themselves are public, and the payouts are secure. Thus, it would be a fruitless venture to try and track down bitcoin thieves. Unlike fiat money which is easy to track down, there’s no tangible way to know where the money went. It would not be advisable to even try to follow a wallet to ensure that it’s not being stolen from another person. Although it may be an action that would benefit you, a person should not resort to such a thing.

However, tracking down the bitcoin wallets that are used to make illicit transactions would require significant time, energy, and most likely, money. This is where a fund recovery company would be of great help.

Tips for Avoiding Bitcoin Scams

Unfortunately, the bitcoin community is rife with scams and schemes, especially in 2018 when people are starting to embrace cryptocurrencies. But there are many people, particularly young people, that don’t know any better. Luckily, there are ways to stay away from the scams and protect yourself from cryptocurrency schemes.

Check out the company first

It is crucial to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate bitcoin fund recovery service before you share any personal information. For this reason, people are advised to go through trusted Bitcoin mining organizations or websites. Unfortunately, scammers will often use these platforms to grab personal information of people in an attempt to defraud them.

Tracking Bitcoin

The biggest problem with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies is that the money is encrypted and has not an iota of a trail. How can you track this stolen money? Tracking Bitcoin is now much easier, because it has been linked to individual wallets in real-time. As soon as a wallet is hacked, the funds are immediately frozen and anyone trying to cash out is notified via the wallet owner’s email. This is why its important to verify the website being used. All the major bitcoin exchanges have such databases of users that can be reviewed and understood.

Online Surveillance

The hackers are now using the most advanced of hacking tools to further infiltrate computers worldwide. Mobile phones are being hacked and placed inside them so that the phone can be activated remotely.

Fund Recovery Companies

Most fund recovery companies specialize in recovering stolen funds for their clients. These companies provide clients with relevant insights on how to go about recovering their funds. And these steps might include contacting law enforcement agencies, opening new bank accounts, changing or canceling credit cards, canceling any types of accounts with the compromised merchant accounts, and so forth. A fund recovery company is known to aid clients in fulfilling their due diligence, and also in the recovery of their funds. Most of these providers provide clients with solid discounts, such as 50% or more of the price of a job. Furthermore, there are companies that offer special discounts for international cases and cryptocurrency recovery efforts.


There are millions of people around the world who are relying on Bitcoin for their daily needs. It is a constantly evolving concept that is being improved by the thousands every day. It is, by far, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world today, and it will most likely remain this way for the near future.

In the right hands, bitcoin has amazing capabilities, and with its existing power, the concept of blockchain, it is one of the most secure. So, no matter what kind of problems bitcoin faces in its journey, there are companies and professionals who will help it continue to grow and achieve its full potential.